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Quenching Your Dog's Thirst

We’re finally starting to get some warm weather and even after a short walk I have found myself panting and searching for some water and shade to cool me down. In the cooler months, I’m fine to wait until we get back to the house for a drink of water. Or I take a few sips out of a puddle if my mom’s not looking.  But in the really hot weather, we always try to keep water with us just in case.

As you know, us dogs don’t sweat like humans. Plus, we wear our fur coats all year round. So the heat can create all kinds of problems for us if we’re not careful, not the least of which is dehydration.

According to and there are two key signs of dehydration to look for in dogs. First, check for the loss of elasticity in their skin. If you pinch the skin on your dog’s back, it should easy fall back into place. Also check their mouth for xerostomia, a condition in which the gums get dry and sticky and the saliva thickens.

Like any illness, prevention is better than a cure. Bringing a basic water bottle on a walk can get the job done. It’s small and portable. However, it’s not the best water delivery system for dogs. The human slowly tips the bottle and we hold our parched tongues out hoping to catch some of the water in our mouths, but most of it ends up on the ground. It just doesn’t work. So I did a little browsing and found some great portable water bottle options made just for dogs.

If you’re not ready to toss that plastic water bottle into the recycling bin, consider picking up a Pet Top. This plastic screw-on adapter converts most standard water bottles into a perfect water dispenser for dogs. It fits in a purse or jogging bag and is dish washer safe. It’s great to have even as a back-up if you are traveling. You can pick up a bottle of water for your dog when you need it, recycle the bottle when you’re done and keep the Pet Top in your pocket or purse until next time.

My mom and I have been a using flip style water bottle that has been working great. The bottle flips up until it is inverted into the serving dish, and the squeeze bottle design keeps the water from spilling or overflowing, so you only use the water you need and can save the rest for later. There are different versions that hold between 17 and 20 oz. of water, which is more than enough for a long walk in the summer sun. Prices vary, but they are fairly in expensive and ours came with a belt clip to make it even more portable.

If you’re look for something of a higher quality with more bells and whistles, you may be interested in the Dog Paw Personalized Travel Water Bottle. This Mercedes Benz of water bottles is made of heavy duty stainless steel and holds 24 oz. of water. The dog drinks the water through a roller ball nozzle, which detaches for easy refilling and cleaning. Plus you can engrave your dog’s name on the side of the bottle.

If you’re in the market for something a little less flashy, the Water Rover is a great choice. There is a small bowl attached to the top of the bottle that the water pours into and then when the dog is finished drinking the owner can tip the bottle up right and the excess water flows back into the bottle. This also has the belt clip feature for easy carrying.

So as you can see there are a number of options that will keep your dog hydrated and healthy this summer. Please let me know if you have seen other dog friendly water bottles.