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J Dawg on the beach

March Beach Day

March Beach Day

If you ask me there’s no better time to go to the beach on Nantucket. Sure the water temperature is hovering just below 40 degrees, but there’s so much else to do besides swimming.

You can chase the seagulls and sniff the delicious seaweed that has been rotting all winter. When my mom’s not looking, sometimes I munch on some shells, but the darn things are so crunchy I usually get busted.

Once summer hits, the sand gets too hot and burns my paws, and I have to constantly watch out for other people so I don’t kick sand on their blankets. And come Memorial Day, dogs aren’t allowed on some of the beaches. So I’m taking full advantage while I can and so should you. Here’s my recommended work out:

1) Run at full speed for about 20 minutes or until you are panting heavily and your tongue is dripping.
2) Walk in a circle 4 to 6 rotations until you find the ideal digging site, preferably a spot about 15 feet from the water line.
3) Carve out a big trench that’s just deep enough to reach the damp sand. I love digging in the sand. It’s so much more gratifying and therapeutic than hacking away at the soil in my yard. And my paws don’t get quite so dirty. It’s a great way to cool down after a long run on the beach.
4) Once the hole is the right size, dive in and roll around feeling the cool sand embedding into your fur and exfoliating and massaging your skin.
5) Bask in the hole for a while until your breathing slows.

If you still have more energy, hop back up, shake off the excess sand and repeat the steps. It’s probably a workout more suitable to dogs, but I encourage humans to try it as well. Who knows? You might like it.

I’d like to remind my fellow dogs to poop before you go to the beach or have your parents bring a bag. Covering up your business with sand only sets up some unsuspecting stroller to step in it.

So get out there and enjoy a good pre-summer beach day!

J Dawg, who voices the paws-on-the-ground perspective of island life, is created by Janet Forest, owner of Nantucket Pet Sitter, which you can follow on Facebook, too.