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Feral Cat Rebuttal

You’ll remember last week I voiced my frustration with the Nantucket feral cat population. Well, apparently someone was sitting on a bench reading the post on their tablet and the headline caught the eye of a cat, who then proceeded to read the post over the person’s shoulder. The cat shared the story with his friends and a day later I received this in the mail:

Dear Marty,

The Nantucket Association of Feral Felines would like to formally apologize for the shameful comments made by three members of our community. It was rude unnecessary and certainly isn’t representative of our population at large.

After reading your article, we realized there are some misconceptions about who we are and our role on the island. Yes we do give off an aura of self-confidence, but it is merely a façade that hides our true feels of fear and anxiety over where our next meal will come from and where we will find shelter if the elements come raining down upon us.

The constant abductions are also a strain on our people. We are trapped and taken to a sterile room to be operated on. Just as quickly we are sent back out on the streets, each of us profoundly changed in an indiscernible way.

To cope with these every day struggles and challenges that weigh on our minds, the NAFF developed a plethora of mantras, a kind of self-talk if you will, to keep us strong. Unfortunately, when times are good, the weather is fair and our feeding stations are full, some of our members begin to take it all for granted. The mantras inflate their egos to an unmanageable size, and it leads to episodes like the one you suffered last week.

Please know that their actions did not go unpunished. They have been banned from all “wet food” feeding stations for six weeks. And they are also each ordered to supply ten “offerings” at this month’s NAFF Potluck.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any damages you may have suffered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our community.


President of Nantucket Association of Feral Felines.