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Dog running in to the beach

Even Dogs Get Spring Fever

Spring Fever

My mom may need to call the vet because I have a bad case of Spring Fever! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. Every April, I feel like a puppy again, and I get to experience things like it’s the first time.

Last week, I took my first swim of 2013. The sun was out at Cisco Beach and as I pranced along the water line the waves seemed to be teasing me and daring me to go for a dip. I looked to my mom for approval and with her go ahead I dashed into the bone chilling surf. I jumped up and down a couple times and then ran back on the shore and shook off the cold salty water. It was magnificent!

I have also been savoring the scent of the air. It’s filled with the sweet smell of new growth and the pungent odor of wild life as it thaws in the warmed temperature. There are endless varieties of aromas to explore, sniff and roll in.

Which leads me to my next favorite part of spring: Outdoor baths! No more slipping and sliding in the claw-foot tub. Now that the outdoor water is turned back on, my mom can use the hose to wash me in a more civilized fashion. Plus I can do a good strong shake before my towel massage.

April also means it’s almost time for the Daffodil Festival. I’ve already started brainstorming what my costume will be for the dog parade. Last year we bought a cheap costume on-line that fell off as I was strutting up Main Street. (How embarrassing!) So this year, my mom and I are going to tailor a costume that will compliment (and remain on) my girlish figure.

The good weather is upon us. The days are getting longer and the air more accommodating, so get out there and catch a case of Spring Fever for yourself!

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