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Nantucket dog on Long Pond bridge

Change of Scenery

My mom and I have been trying to mix things up a little bit the past month or so. For a while we’ve been sticking to our usual walking trails—Tupancy Links, Audobon, Miacomet—and it’s gotten a little stale. You know how it goes. Same smell, different day. So we started heading out to Madaket for a change of scenery and it’s been fabulous.

We turn down South Cambridge Street, which turns into Red Barn Road, and drive all the way down to the beach. Now that the weather has warmed up, my mom likes strolling along the water line and letting the waves wet her feet. I love exploring the piles of aged sea weed.

We also take long walks down the dirt roads that run off of Red Barn Road and wind their way through the landscape. There are all kinds of yummy rotten things to be found, and after a good rain storm, there are lots of puddles to run through. I usually have to suffer through a bath when I get home, but I feel like it’s worth it.

Some days, instead of driving all the way down to the beach, we take a left just after the little wooden bridge. There are a few parking spaces at the entrance of a conservation path. You can walk the grassy trail along Long Pond. My mom likes it on windy days because the high growth surrounding the path offers protection from the wind. I like dashing in and out of the brush. Sometimes I sneak down to the water’s edge and dip my toes in even though the sign says no swimming.

I still like visiting my usual haunts, but it’s been good to get a whiff of something new. Maybe next month we’ll explore Sconset.

I’d love to hear about your favorite (dog-friendly) spots on the island.