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Car Ride Sing-Along

My mom’s preferred radio station in the car has always been NPR, but sometimes we need something a little less serious and since Nantucket has its own radio station, we’ve been tuning into 97.7 WACK FM when we need a pick-me-up.

My mom and I were driving to the Audobon for an afternoon walk when a song she likes came on the radio and she started to singing along. Adele she is not, but she can carry a tune. She seemed to be really enjoying herself, so I thought I’d join in.

It was fantastic. I had a hard time with the verse because some of the words were hard to pronounce, so I stuck to the chorus which had a lot of ooooh’s in it. I don’t have much of a range yet, but I’m working on it. It’s sort of become a thing for us now. We have a small repertoire that we’re working on including “Miss You” by the Rolling Stone and some Frankie Valle hits that I can sing back up on.

On especially nice days, we roll the windows down so everyone can hear. The perfect scenario would be for us to crank the radio and stick our heads out the window, but my mom vetoed that plan. She said it’s not safe. Apparently I could get sand and dirt in my eyes or hit my head on a branch on a narrow road. I see other dogs doing it all the time and they seem fine.

Just the same, we make quite the duet. We’d kill at the Rose & Crown’s Karaoke night, but unfortunately they don’t allow dogs. We also stopped singing on the trails and bike paths because we started getting strange looks from other people and dogs. Clearly they don’t know musical genius when they see it.

So I guess our talents will be limited to the car and the living room. I guess there’s always YouTube.