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dog with Christmas tree

Meeting up with Santa

Nantucket Pets get Face Time!

I just hope you all didn’t miss Santa Claus when he came to Nantucket and set aside some time just for us pets! The Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals had scheduled for him to greet us at Strong Wings Adventure School last Sunday, and I went and saw lots of my buddies there.

What a relief! It’s all I can do to type up this blog every week with these clumsy paws, never mind sitting down to write a long list of everything I want for Christmas this year. And there was so much I wanted to ask Santa for.  Here’s my list:

I want a couple of new kongs because my old ones smell like dog breath. And I want a new Easy-Walker leash, since one of my friends came over and chewed my old one all up. And I’m really hoping, with my dew claws crossed, that I’ll get a new bed this year. Sure my old one is just fine, but I want a bigger one with lots of stuffing.

Oh yeah. I asked Santa, if it’s not too much trouble, to bring my mom a new pair of running shoes. I had a weak moment about a month ago and before I knew it, her new Nikes were reduced to a pile of rubber and laces.

I loved this Sunday. I saw all my friends and Jeff Allen, a professional photographer, took my picture with Santa.  My mom brushed my fur real good that morning and I looked great. I wore my festive red and green bandana as well.

Admission was a suggested donation of $20, but all amounts were appreciated and it all went to the Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals.

Which reminds me. My last wish was to ask Santa to watch over all the homeless animals this holiday season and help them find loving homes. 

This was a wonderful event and they do it every year, so next year don’t miss out!

PS:  that's my buddy Beau in his picture, too.  (Photo credit:  Jeff Allen)

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