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Shiseido color bar palette holiday 2013

Holiday Style--it's all about YOU!

Makeup and Nail Colors

Holiday color palette in jewel tones
OPI Holiday 2013 colors
Fall 2013 nail colors
Abstract nail colors fall 2013
Laura Mercier eye bonbons in bronze
Makeup palettes fall 2013

Earlier, in Parts One and Two, I discussed holiday fashion and holiday hairstyles.  Now let's get on to color for this glamorous time of year, on your face and nails.

The point of a perfect holiday palette isn't that you're going to wear every single shade at once. Rather, we should look for our palettes to inspire us with colors and combinations we've never thought of and textures we've never tried. When it comes to pairing make-up with your new holiday hairstyle, try jewel tones or metallic eyes. I am noticing emerald, amethyst and sapphire colors on eyes this winter. Try to rim your eye line with a navy, plum, or black liner. Champagne, bronze, silver, gunmetal and gold are other colors that are the perfect shades for a festive party, and a night out.  OR, be bold and do a little of this during the day! Frame your face with thick brows, filling them in as needed (which will be another column in the near future). For your lips, paint them a red to compliment your skin tone, like ruby, cherry, or oxblood. This will make your pout come alive! Add a little champagne shimmer highlight, just in the center, to add luster and dimension to your lips.  The palettes we’re working with head to toe are sparkly, shimmery, smoky, and vibrant — what’s not to love?

Jewel-toned polishes are raging on, well into the holidays. Jewel tones are one of the big trends from the runway that translate well into nails. Again, look for shimmering emeralds, creamy midnight blues and sparkling gold.  They’re gorgeous on their own, but the holidays are the ideal time to pair with a glitter tip, or a few jewels, anything that adds a prismatic effect. Go for a rich purple tone and unique blend of shimmers, glitter and metallic.  Time to add a little bling to those nails!

You could opt for a neutral base and add just a touch of sparkle with a glittery statement nail.  Or, if you’re a glitter queen like I am, glitters are ideal for a high-powered sparkle fest.  If you are looking for a more refined look, there are plenty of fine shimmers in gold and holographic silver that work well over any base color. On the metallic end of the color pallet, pewter, silver and bronze flatter every range of skin tones. Matte finish is also still around.  It’s a more subtle look with a velvety finish that feels very holiday to me.

So there it is, our holiday trends of 2013.  I know what a difficult time of year this can be but I feel each and every one of us deserves that new item for our closet. Time to make your hair and nail appointments, start shopping for that special piece.  We can’t be consumed by doing everything for everyone else this time of year! So take a day to make it all about you, and enjoy every second of it!!!

--Mandi Mancini
Your Island Glamour Girl