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Holiday hair styles and colors

Holiday Style--it's all about YOU!

Hair, Hair, Hair

Holiday red hair!
streaky hair near your face
caught in the back
a new way with hair buns
Sharply angled haircuts
How to for long hair updo
Easy side braid
Tiny braids over long hair
Simple small braids pulled to the back

I'm on to Part Two of your Holiday Style Guide--think hair!  (Here's Part One, holiday fashions, in case you missed it).

As for our hair?  braids, twists, tease, messy or sleek.  Topknots and low ponytails are in fashion. Lots of pixie cuts and the timeless bobs, messy or sleek, it’s up to you! Everything is in this season.  I have also noticed, personally and in Hollywood, everyone’s chopping their hair off!!  I love it.  I find a dramatic change like this is so cleansing and therapeutic. 

As far as hair color goes, time to add some depth with some lowlights.  Look for bolder richer colors with dimension to complement all of these holiday twists and braids. The ombre is what we've seen everywhere in clothing nail polish and especially hair.  Although still very popular, it's taken a turn towards a more natural transition instead of the dramatic color palette. As the seasons change try going light to dark with your color, revolutionize the light coppers and reds into very rich tones. If you’re a redhead or auburn try adding a few extra low lights around the face with deep chestnuts. Ask for some golden bronze to turn our washed out summer shades into a bold show-stopping and contrasting cooler tones for the winter.

--Mandi Mancini,
Island Glamour Girl