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Mandi Mancini by Charlotte Carey

Holiday Style--it's all about YOU!

Jewel Tones for the holidays
Furs and animal prints
Furs and solids
Golds, blacks, shimmery
Fall colors
Fall colors 1
Fall colors 2
Silver, leggings
Pantone fall palette
Holiday trends--brocades
Suite Blanco Christmas 2013
Suite Blanco Christmas 2013 two

I planned and have been writing about our body contouring: styles and tricks to flatter each of the body types.   But as I just sat down from shopping and unpacking Thanksgiving dinner I realized that my favorite time of year is no longer right around the corner--it's here! Along with the holidays comes a very exciting change in fashion and beauty. It’s when all of the glitz and glam that I love becomes a part of every day, like no other time of year.

I have lots to say on this topic, so today it will be fashions.  Tune in a couple of days from now for hair and colors.

A friend asked me yesterday what I was wearing to the Christmas party. I really hadn't thought about that, but honestly I need to. I started perusing this morning and it’s almost overwhelming!  I just love everything! This is the best time of year to add that extra sparkle into your wardrobe without second guessing if it’s "too much". Time to add that little bit of sparkle to those fabulous red nails or buy that bold necklace or bracelet that catches your eye every time you see it, or the shimmery camisole with a black pencil skirt or slacks with open jacket or bolero. It’s time to embellish the normal, everyday wardrobe.  Not only does it make us feel better, it’s contagious and you will inspire others to do the same.  They will admire the extra twinkle in your eye and the extra warmth that you exude, simply by these added little changes to our wardrobes. 

I should be going into the hottest 2013 holiday trends, but I’m not very trendy and honestly am not here for that!  I am here to help you pick out the bits and pieces of the hottest trends to add to your already fab closets. 

I have seen throughout my reading and shopping, it’s all about fur, sheers, metallics, leather, lace, emerald anything, winter whites--and all done with a side of fabulous 20's inspiration.  The biggest trend I’ve noticed this season is prints. All and any!  Abstracts, animals, floral, paisleys, jacquards; elegant jewel prints and trendy baroque/leopard and neon arcade jersey shifts. Also solids, head to toe.  Reds, blues, burgundies...I’ve always felt solid colors head to toe (especially with no texture) is not a trend that’s jumping into my closet. The pixie slim pants and jeans, with patterns--they’re for the very select few that can pull off that style, I am definitely not one of them! For us curvy women, those patterns and colors can really be unflattering if too much of the printed pant or legging is showing. 

I do like the bold leggings under a solid sweater dress with high boots.  Make the focal point a belt or piece of jewelry, not the loud pattern of the leggings.    I love that the iconic ‘cold shoulder’ is back, and cropped fur jackets as well as boleros in rich deep colors. Pair one of these with a tonal lacey party dress--it’ll make you feel like a queen.  I’m also loving the warmth and texture of the tweed trench coats, scarves and gloves.

Keep an eye on this space next time for hair: styles and color; there are lots of ways to sparkle this holiday season!

--Mandi Mancini Garrison, your
Island Glamour Girl