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Daisy Brain--a summer affliction


In the Summer, I Lose All My Dependability and Suffer From a Bad Case of Sloth and Daisy Brain


                Sloths are named after the capital sin 

                sloth because they seem slow and lazy.

I am normally a conscientious and efficient person.  During the fall, winter, and spring, I am dependable.  If something is due, it is always done on time.  In fact, I pride myself on always being responsible.  I am never late for an appointment, and I am often early.  I keep an agenda book, and I check it daily—sometimes hourly.

There is a dramatic change in the summer.  I am suddenly possessed by a serious case of sloth.  Once the ferry arrives with my family, all my dependability goes out the window, and I become a sloth. Each summer, I vow that this summer will be different.  But it never is.  My articles for the Nantucket Chronicle, which have appeared every Monday at 8:00 throughout the year, are suddenly late.  They dribble in—on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, and occasionally I entirely miss a week.  I get to appointments late and sometimes I totally forget one.  My agenda book is buried under a pile of stuff in my room.

At home, the laundry piles up, dishes sit in the sink, and grocery shopping happens only when we are really almost out of everything.  The napkins, which are always ironed, are now folded wrinkled and put on the table just as they come out of the dryer.  I always opt to walk on the beach, to sit in the sun, to visit with friends over doing the tasks of daily living. 

Now, there is also Daisy Brain.  I forget things.  I suddenly can’t do the things that I would be able to master easily in the off season.  For example, I have an article way over due on the fabulous new James Robinson Jewelry and Silver Store, which just opened at 2 South Beach Street.  I have written the article three times, and each time I have lost it in the process of trying to format it for the Chronicle.  I have no idea when it has gone.  Each time, it has just disappeared.  Sadly, I had an hour lesson on how to do it, and still I have failed.  Today I will give it another try.  I am quite sure were it any time but summer, my brain would click into place, and I would be able to do it in nano seconds.

I am totally behind on the book I am editing.  I am trying to figure out the end, but I am having trougle doing so.  Maybe, if we have a rainy day, I will finally finish it. 

On the other hand, I spend quality time with children and grandchildren during the summer.  We walk on the beach, collect heart stones and wising stones, read together, do jigsaw puzzles, and play back gammon.  I watch them surf the big waves at Cisco, and I eat burgers with them at the Surfside Snack Shack.  We have marathon beach weekends where we go to seven beaches in two days.  I watch them play squash and tennis.  I drive them back and forth from friends’ houses, and I cook for them.  I take them out for pizza with their friends and take them to movies.  We make memories that we will always treasure.  So maybe it is worth a bad case of sloth and daisy brain.  After all, these are the things that are most important, and I really have only two months of summer to do them.

In September, my sloth will slink back into the woods, and my daisy brain will clear.  I will again be my efficient and dependable self.  Meanwhile I will enjoy the leisurely pace of summer, the time to be with family, and embrace my summer sloth.