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Nantucket Summer Camps 2012

Every summer, working women search for a place to keep their kids while they work. We want it to be convenient, affordable, and safe. For the kids, we want it to be fun, educational, inspiring, and memorable. Finding one that offers everything you need and all they want is difficult.

Camp for all summer, 11 weeks, for one child, is going to run you on the average about $3,300 in Nantucket; that’s $60 a day, per kid. Unfortunately, most of the camps end in the middle of the afternoon. It’s a bit of a catch-22: without the childcare, you can’t work enough to pay for the camp, but if you don’t work, you don’t need the camp at all. Basically, most camps are aimed at families where there is person who doesn’t need to work a 40-hour week. If you need coverage until 5 PM, and you can’t afford a nanny to pick up your kid from camp, you’re in trouble; there aren’t any.

Also, most of the camps do not cover the entire summer. Few camps are open the weeks of June 18th, August 20th, or August 27th. This is a problem for Nantucket families, who often have an intensive amount of work in the summer and have a less hectic schedule off-season. My husband works for a boat marina; August is not the time we can take off for vacation!

The good news is, if your child is in pre-school or younger, you’re probably set for the summer. Your childcare arrangement will probably continue as is.

If you can get away with picking the darling up at 4 PM, your choices are, in decreasing order of cost:

All these camps do a lot with the children, going all over the Island on field trips. The Boys and Girls Club opens early, too, which helps a lot of people.

If you can get away with pickup at 3 PM, your options are:

There are many great camps that meet only until 1 PM or earlier:

There are also one-day classes everywhere, camps at the country clubs, mom co-ops, summer camps with individual school teachers, etc. Lots of camps are only known by word of mouth or a few flyers on bulletin boards. Let us know if there are other options. Until we all win the lottery and can afford to stay home with our kids and go to the beach all summer, we’ll have to make some tough choices.



I didn't realize that they were so expensive. This reminds me why I have my Home Childcare so I don't spend $600+ a week for 3 girls in the summer.

Georgen:  Cate Raphael runs her Little Explorer as a summer camp, and I love her approach.  It's for very small children:  2years, 9 months up to 6 or so.  Arts, music, science, exploration, imagination.