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The Low-Down on Using the Hyannis Flyer

There is a small revolution going on in Nantucket. Bucking Nantucket’s image as a playground for the rich is a small group of individuals using the policies of one of the largest corporations in our community against itself, to save substantial sums of money.

By now, most everyone knows about people who are using the Stop and Shop flyer from Hyannis at our local Nantucket branch of the store. There was an article about it published in the Inquirer & Mirror, and there is an active group on Facebook, “Nantucketers for Fair Grocery Pricing.”

The Nantucket branch of Stop and Shop includes its own flyer in the weekly Inquirer and Mirror, a one page circular with its weekly specials printed; there are also many special prices located throughout the store that are not on the flyer. The Hyannis flyer, in contrast, is ten pages long, and often what is a “special deal” in the Nantucket flyer is presented at a lower price. Last week, for instance, chicken breasts were advertised as $2.99 a pound in the Nantucket flyer, but were $1.99 in the Hyannis flyer. Since it is Stop and Shop’s policy to honor the Hyannis flyer at all regional stores, many of us are using it here in Nantucket.

Members of the Facebook group often record their savings on the group page. Many people are recording a savings of $100 a week by using the Hyannis flyer. One friend says she’s cut her grocery bill in half, and routinely stuns me with reports like “spent $177 saved $108.” Personally, I usually save about $50 a week with about twenty minutes preparation. While $200 a month might not seem like much to you, it is to me.

So, how do you go about using the Hyannis flyer? First, sign up to have a printed version delivered. Go to and be sure to list Hyannis as your most convenient store. It takes a few weeks to get the flyer; you might be able to share someone else’s until it starts coming. Review the flyer before going to the store. I always make a list of what I’m going to buy from the flyer, add the page number on my list, and circle the item on the flyer, but everybody has her own method. I try to visit the store when there are two managers on staff. Since they need somebody at the service desk, it’s tough for them to check someone out when there’s only one person on duty. This week, I called ahead to ask and that seemed to work out.

When I go to the store, I use one of the small two layer carts. Things I’m buying from without the flyer go into the top basket; things I’m buying with the flyer go in the bottom basket. At checkout, you’ll be directed to aisle #11 to be checked out by a manager; sometimes I stop by the service desk to let them know a Hyannis-flyer user is here. First check through the things not on the Hyannis flyer, then the things from the Hyannis flyer. There seems to be some variety in how the checkout is handled, or maybe the way it’s being handled has evolved. While one manager does some quick math in head, punches in a few numbers and the check-out takes only a little longer than normal, another will complain loudly and take several minutes per interaction, muttering how this has got to stop. Usually your interaction will be somewhere in between, a little longer than usual, with only a few sighs of annoyance.

As a regular user of the Hyannis Stop and Shop flyer, I am grateful that the corporation continues to honor the flyer here in Nantucket. The company publicizes its pledge to make a difference in their customers’ lives, and this is a good example of fulfilling that promise. I do wish that there were some way it could be easier for the staff, whether it be adding these specials to our Stop and Shop cards online or programming them into the Nantucket store’s registers. I don’t want to be a pain in the behind to them, but for $200 a month for a few minutes of prep work, I’m willing to continue be one if I have to be.


Wow! Thank you for the heads up!

I have been using the Hyannis sale flyer and it is worth the effort, even if just to make a statement, but I have also found incredible savings.

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I have been hearing all of Facebook but I have yet to try it out. Thank you for the low down. I signed up and I can't wait to get saving!

Wow, I had no idea you could actually save so much. Sign me on.

No flyers came in the mail this week... does anybody know what's up with that???

I have not received my flyer for the past two weeks. Luckly I've had friends with them that pass it onto me. I've saved $100 each trip. I hope they start coming again.

From what I've seen on the Facebook group, it looks like a lot of people aren't getting their flyers, including me.

It is possible to print the Hyannis flyer out, from the website. Go to ; click on Savings -> Circular. It will ask you to choose a store if it's your first time there. Click on the flyer image, then you will have a couple of drop-down menus available: Single view and Tools. Tools will let you print that page.

I try to use legal size paper, but it still seems small.

IMPORTANT: Stop & Shop Corporate has decided to terminate price matching any other flyers on Nantucket other than the flyer provided in the Nantucket store. This means no more Cape flyer, or any other flyer for tht matter, is allowed to be used. They are claiming our 2 page flyer will have Cape prices on it, but who's to say the Cape flyer doesn't have Hyannis prices on it. Nevermind ALL of the items we won't have access to on sale anymore.
If you have any questions or have something to say about this, feel free to contact Suzi Robinson at S&S PR & Community Relation at 617-774-4434, [email protected], or David Monast, Nantucket S&S store manager at 508-228-2178.
Story will be in Inky tomorrow.....