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Have you seen this lizard?

Last summer, on August 12th, a number of intriguing tweets came from the Maria Mitchell Association. A large lizard was loose on Nantucket! Photographs of interns, armed with nets and fervent expressions were posted, intently trying to catch the lizard.

It’s apparently a Tegu, a lizard that can get up to 3 ½  feet long. They’re sold as household pets, for some reason. It’s become one of those invasive species taking over Florida, and occasionally you see a story about how one bit off someone’s finger or eats a kitty.

I was surprised to see a newer photograph on the Maria Mitchell Facebook page on September 20. Using a “wildlife camera,” they captured the lizard coming out from underneath a building.

They would like to recapture the lizard before the weather gets too cold. Nantucket is not  Florida, and a released Tegu is not likely to last the winter.

If you see this lizard, call the Maria Mitchell Association.



Georgen-- did the MMA say where the lizard was sighted?  do they have a large range or is it likely to be in the same area?  It would be helpful to know that if one is really to help.

Hi Georgia, They haven't said exactly where it is.... just noted it as the general downtown area.  I don't think they want people to go looking for it, but they do want to know about sightings!