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Adventures in Juicing

A few months ago, I watched the film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Like many who watched the film, I was energized to get healthy. It’s no secret that my health is not good. The film made the whole juicing experience seem to be reasonable.

After all, I spend many years experimenting with my diet. I was a vegetarian (lacto-ovo) for about 20 years; vegan and no sugar for a few of those; I’ve fasted; I’ve liquid dieted; my first husband was allergic to everything and I cooked with spelt and other alternative grains long ago; I owned a natural foods coffeehouse and cooked there for a couple of years. That being said, I didn’t think I wanted to juice-fast. I thought I’d just add juice to my daily diet, maybe substitute breakfast for juice. Very reasonable, very doable.

A friend of mine, with two sweet-tempered little girls, told me that her little ones loved beet, celery, and pear juice. It was pink and with a touch of sweetness and they drank it up eagerly and loved it.

So I bought a juicer. I am a total cheapskate and hate gadgets, but I was in. Then I bought beets, celery, and pears. I juiced it all. It smelled and tasted like grass clippings.

I offered it to my daughter, and eagerly awaiting the anticipated joy she would show and the boost in nutrition her diet would soon have.

“What’s that?”  she said. “It’s juice,” I said. “I’m not drinking that,” she said. “But your little friends love it,” I said. “No way. I’m not drinking that.” And she ran off, never to discuss it again.

The juicer went into the attic. Maybe I’ll try selling it on ebay.


Talk about a surprise ending!

What kind of juicer is it?!  I may be fasting after this summer....

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Does your daughter like carrots? Maybe she'd go for carrot juice, sweetened with pears and/or apples? Maybe start with a heavy ratio of fruits over veggies, and slowly add in more veggies? And I wonder if she would come around over time if she sees you drinking fresh juice. Rome wasn't built in a day... That being said, my toddler has entered an incredibly finicky stage with his eating. He subsisted on a steady pizza diet for our 12 days in NYC...Along with fresh fruit (available in abundance from street vendors) and baby carrots, when we could get them. I guess I can be glad he likes many kinds of fruit and a few veggies, so he's getting some form of nutrition. Maybe kids don't need to be avid juicers if they are eating plenty of fruits and veggies? Or, perhaps a juicing playdate, where the kids come up with their own concoctions? A prize for the yummiest, most drinkable combo?