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Freaky Friday: Sex & The Spiritual Connection

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and any questions the human soul may need answered.

Today is Good Friday.  When I was a child, this was a day for us to be silent and still.  This is something I still recognize as important to practice today.  This got me thinking about religion and how it can make or break our relationships.  Having the same or similar beliefs really does make a difference on the happiness scale, whether Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Church of the Spaghetti Monkey, or even Atheist (Not that that’s a religion, but it’s a belief!)  I was raised Catholic, but I have always has a soft spot in my heart for both the Jewish faith and Buddhism.  As I have aged, these beliefs have molded together, making up my beliefs and my core values.  I have dated people who had differing beliefs from my own and this was a cause for a feeling of unsettlement in the relationship.  One relationship that comes immediately to mind was when I was madly in love with an Atheist.

We had an emotional, mental and physical connection, but we were lacking the spiritual connection.  Later I fell in love with a man with whom I had the spiritual, mental and physical connection, but it was lacking in the emotional connection.  I do believe you need all four.  At least for me, I feel anything less than that would just be “settling,” which my Mom said I should never do!  Deep down inside, I would always know there was something lacking, something not quite right. 

The man I loved with whom I had a spiritual connection, I believed our physical connection was made deeper and more intense by the spiritual connection.  There was a sense of complete trust and a deeper level of meaning between us.  My Grandmother once said, “It was like a slice of Heaven making love with your Grandfather.”  They had a spiritual connection.  When you have that link, it makes everything else mean more.  Once you have that, you can never settle for anything less.



-Just because you two practice different religions doesn’t mean you won’t have a spiritual connection.

-Beliefs do matter.  They are the foundation of a relationship.

-Just because you have similar beliefs doesn’t mean you’ll have a great connection sexually.

-You can have great sex with someone without having any connection at all, but once you have a strong connection to someone, both spiritually and physically, you can never go back.

What are your thoughts on this subject?  I want to know what you think.  Please comment below.


~Stay Well~


I have to agree, I need all 4. My husband and I are very emotionally connected. Although we differ very much in how we think about things, as well as our religious/spiritual beliefs, there is a connect in our core values. I was raised Catholic. Over the years, through many experiences, I now have blended a little bit of most of the religions to create something that "fits" in my head & heart. I consistently challenge my faith. I think God is pleased with this. My husband has researched many different religions. He takes a logical approach to faith. Because we are so different in the way we think (our minds) and the things we believe (our faith) it has created a Yin & Yang where we fit perfectly together. Although we may not think the same way about things, or hold the same faith base, we honor and resect each other's thoughts and beliefs. There is the connection. In our vows (taken just 8 months ago yesterday)  we promised to love each other in all our forms. This is where the physical connection comes in. Nothing stirs that deep part of my sexuality like knowing my husband loves all of me, even if parts of me and what I believe that differ from him and his beliefs. There is nothing more sexy than an open mind. We are the perfect compliment to one another (no we are not perfect, just perfect for each other). I am grateful and blessed. Thank you for this article. 

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Thank you so much for your comment. That is truly beautiful! And what a great combination to help each other grow, love and respect the other for their differences. You make a great point, "We are not perfect, just perfect for each other." You are very blessed to have each other and I hope others see your example and live by it. Thank you for sharing your experience!