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Cake Balls with a Surprise Center from Wicked Island Bakery...These little things could make anyone's day!

Freaky Friday: It's The Little Things

Today's Freaky Friday on a Thursday, gearing up for my birthday weekend, It's the Little Things.  Stay tuned for other posts; How to Spot a Jerk, Dominant & Submissive and the birthday post. 

The little things, actually are the big things…

I pulled into the shell driveway overlooking the water, put my car into park.  I got out of the car, and saw the large glass of red wine on the porch.  I gave out a giggle. How could I not…this was a great move!  I picked up the glass, stuck my nose in the glass…a beautiful Burgundy. Under the glass was a note, “Follow the footpath.”  I made my way through the house, to the back porch overlooking a beautiful sun setting on the water.  The jaw-dropping backdrop, the glass of wine and the note all felt like something out of a movie.  I made my way to the footpath to the water…someone pinch me please.  He had planned a truly magical evening with me in mind.  While canoeing, I felt like I was in a scene from The Notebook.

 “Is this too cheesy?” He asked. 

“Never!”  I was a happy lady.

Doing the little things for someone not only makes the other person happy but can make your own day.  It doesn’t have to be all the time.  In fact, do it just enough that it’s special when you do.  I have had men surprise me with bubble baths, whisk me away for the weekend, spa days, foot rubs, playing with my hair (Kinda the best one yet!)…I could go on. 

I am very spoiled.  I wouldn’t straight up say I expect this treatment…but I expect we will take care of each other.  The man I am dating planning something for me…keeping me interested…trying to make me smile and me reciprocating.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or even cost money.  I have made a five course dinner replicated from his favorite restaurant complete with menu and décor, a treasure hunt, breakfast in bed, love notes hidden in their pockets, poems just because…it’s cheesy and nerdy but in a good way.  Even the most hard of hearts can appreciate this.  Don’t forget that it’s about giving and receiving but it shouldn’t be expected when you do do something for someone you care for.  I find people do catch on…that is if they’re not a jerk…more on that in the coming days.

It seems to me that the moment we stop doing the little things for each other or planning something for someone that we think they would like, the relationship starts to suffer.  With every passing opportunity we don’t take to make someone smile, we lose a little bit of the person. 

Do you have little things you do for your lover? let me know!  And of course, if you need advice, just email me at [email protected].  I'll never tell your name!

~Stay Well~