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Freaky Friday: I Want To See Life Through A Child's Eyes

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and any questions the human soul may need answered.

“You are so beautiful Aunt Dorphy.  You are like a shiny shiny rock.”  My four year old niece said this to me recently.  Not only was this the most amazing compliment that I have ever received but it got me to thinking…On so many levels, I wish I saw life through my niece’s eyes.   I still see wonder and I still love magic but my imagination is not what it used to be.  When my nieces are around we are always on the lookout for fairies, unicorns, mermaids and many other mythical creatures.  

The other morning, my nieces and I were walking out of the house to the car and the car was covered in a dusty substance.  My seven year old niece ran to the car, “Look Aunt Dorothy!  Fairy Dust!”  Any normal adult would have probably seen pollen but my niece saw pure magic. It was the first thought that entered her mind…fairies!  To a child, magic is truth.  To an adult; magic is a farce or gasp…useless.

It’s a shame that the adult human race sees and experiences less and less magic with each passing day.  Where does the magic go?  When we look at the ocean, why don’t we as adults see an endless possibility of magical creatures and unknown sea life?  When we see clouds it would be so lovely if we could see fluffy bunnies, dragons and turtles with a unicorn’s head.

Children believe without seeing and eventually because their belief is so strong they end up seeing. 

My challenge to myself and to you is to see life with more wonder and to find the magic in everything for the next 30 days.  When a book falls from a shelf, believe a fairy picked out the book for you.  When the milk goes bad, leprechauns turned the milk to play a trick on you.  When you can’t find your underwear, the underwear gnomes stole them to make a profit.  See everyone for their true beauty.  I don’t care where the magic comes from…just let it flow to you and believe.