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Freaky Friday: No One Has Their $hit Together

The 5 Keys To Not Having Your $hit Together & Being Ok With It

I came to a realization years ago that no one has their $hit together. I came about this ah-ha moment because I was jealous of someone. They seemed to have a successful marriage, career and they were on their way to having their first child. I was jealous. I wanted that and I looked at my life and at the time, it wasn’t going the way I had hoped. Luckily, the universe taught me a lesson. This person looked as though they had their $hit together, but reality was, they didn’t. This person had stresses, hated their job and their marriage was a daily constant struggle. Looks can be deceiving. And this person, like all of us, didn’t have their $hit together. Life was not perfect because it isn’t. But that’s also kinda the beautiful thing about life, imperfection. When I got over my jealously of this person, I was able to be happy for them when things did truly go their way. I looked inward and I try not to compare myself to someone else and embrace who I really am. 

So, maybe you’re jealous of someone? Maybe someone seems put together or their relationship seems perfect? Maybe you seem to make mistake after mistake or life just isn’t going the way you planned and everyone else’s seems to be. Don’t worry about it…No one has their $hit together. Everyone has a flaw or two. Everyone has bad days. Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t use other people’s seemly accomplishments to gage where you should be in life. You are exactly where you need to be and who you need to be. Don’t compare your relationship or yourself to someone else. No one has a perfect marriage or relationship or a perfect life for that matter.

The five keys to not having your $hit together and being ok with it:

-Embrace where you shine in life. Everyone is good at something, but not only that, everyone has a purpose in life. Your journey is to find that purpose. You will stumble. You will fail, but don’t give up if you love something, if it feels right and is healthy for you.

-Ask for help in the areas that you fall short. Because no one has their $hit together, we need help. Know where you fall short. Have a desire to improve but also know there is someone else out there that is better at this one particular trait where you may not be. That’s ok, it’s not the end of the world. Ask for help when you need it.

-Forgive and Help those that also do not have their $hit together. Because you have one beautiful thing about you that no one else has, help someone that needs you and forgive those that maybe have not obtained the gifts that you are so lucky to have.

-Get over it. Whatever it is, get over it. Quit your bitching. There’s something that’s holding you back or making you feel less than human, get over it. Stop comparing yourself to others…why? Because no one has their $hit together. You have a dream, go after it. People fail because they give up or don’t even try. Sucky relationship, forgive each other for not having your $hit together and figure out how to help each other.

-Be yourself. People also fail because they don’t embrace who they are. They try to be something they are not. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with the 11 ways to have a successful marriage. Well, maybe that's not the road you'll take. Maybe you’ll think outside the box. Maybe you’ll do things differently. Find the truest form of you.

-Embrace the bad. You had a bad day. You made a mistake. You have two choices: First, you can feel sorry for yourself and/or blame others for your mistakes or bad days. Or your second choice, embrace it. So you had a bad day. What did you learn? How can you turn it around? What will you do differently next time?

No one is perfect and when two people are involved, it’s nearly impossible to have perfection. The key is to see perfection in the flaws and be there for each other because no one has their $hit together.

~ Stay Well Nantucketers ~