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5 Ways To Make The Most Of September

1. Set three goals you would like to accomplish within the month of September.  Topic Examples: spiritual, financial, mental, physical, love, relationships, friendships, health and fitness, organization, family and personal growth.  For the month of September one of my goals is to pray and meditate every day.  I am four days into the month and so far so good!
2. Do the Opposite of What you’ve been doing.  Time to switch things up!  If you are someone who doesn’t say “yes” to social invitations, start saying “Yes” more.  Go to an art show.  Try a new restaurant.  Meet with a different friend every week for coffee.  Just get out there and have some fun.  If you’re someone that is constantly out and about, start saying “No”.  Stay in and reflect.  Take time for yourself.  Read a book.
3. Go outside as much as possible.  The sunny/nice days are numbered for the rest of the year.  Take advantage.  Go play volleyball on the beach.  Go apple picking.  Walk on the beach.  Eat outside.  If it’s a bit chilly, just put on a sweater or jacket. 
4. Go somewhere you’ve never been.  I grew up on Nantucket but still there are places and things I have never seen or done.  Go explore the island.  If you live off island, research a town near you and go for a day/weekend trip.  Maybe they’re known for their donuts or they have a Fall fair coming up.  I bet you’ll find something new to discover. 
5. Love as much as possible.  This doesn’t have to be romantic love.  Fall in love again with your friends and family.  Fall in love with a book.  Fall in love with a new pair of boots.  Appreciate your alone time.  Love your snuggle time with your kids/pets.  Fall in love with a new fitness class.  Fall in love with a restaurant you’ve never tried before.  You get the idea, just love every day for what that day brings.

If you start with these five items, I bet September will be the best month of the year thus far.  Cherish it!

~Stay Well Nantucketers~


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