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Two deer at Nantucket pond

Sometimes at Sundown

Deer at Nantucket Pond

Moors Poetry

This column is dedicated to the expression, through poetry, of life here on Nantucket.  These first few postings will concentrate on the work of an island group (of which I’m a member) known as the Moors Poetry Collective. This first poem (my own) is from our Anthology Poems So Far.  As we are in the Deer Hunting season, I thought this poem might be of some interest. 

Sometimes at Sundown – Len Germinara

He comes down to the water
In gold flashes and
Jesus light

Slow movement
Through Green Briar

He’s the amber
In which he freezes

Ears twitch
A breeze
Through tall grasses

Sets him in motion

I wait in the reeds
With cotton mouth

Take the shot

This is a plate of venison tenderloin
Harvested just before sundown
Two days previous

One shot was all it took

The wild mushrooms that serve as garnish
Are sautéed in the rendered fat

The smell
Surrounds me
A good book and
Brandy happy


Sometimes at sundown
I pass up the shot with bow
Take out my camera

About The Moors Poetry Collective and Poems So Far:

The Moors Poetry Collective is a handful of poets who started out as a writing group meeting twice a month at the Nantucket Field Station off Polpis road, which they dubbed Len’s Garage. They
soon upped that commitment to once a week, and after about nine months of dedicated writing and workshopping decided to direct their creative skills toward a collection of work exclusively dealing
with Nantucket, the place they call home. Within you will find examples of their varied experiences and perspectives regarding life on this extraordinary island and its eclectic community. Their poetry anthology, Poems So Far, is the first expression of that commitment.

Copies of Poems So Far are available at Mitchell’s Book Corner, BookWorks, and the Hub. 

The Moors Poetry Collective will be at Mitchell’s Book Corner on Tuesday, December 4th at 5:30 to sign copies and to read briefly from the anthology.   

Photo credit:  Len Germinara