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Marty's Dog Dish

Living a Dog's Life on Nantucket

Everyone knows that Nantucket is a great place for dogs. Lots of conservation paths, dog-friendly beaches and plenty of open space for canines to run free and enjoy life. But it’s not all sniffing bushes and rolling in sand. Us dogs are a significant part of what makes Nantucket so special. I’ve been given the opportunity to give the “paws on the ground” perspective of the island. What we like and don’t like; what are our concerns and what ideas we have.

I first arrived on Nantucket in the spring of 2007 with my owner. We planned to stay just for the summer, but when fall rolled around and it was time to pack up and move back to the city, we decided it would be best if I settled down here with a new family. We found a local writer who was looking for a canine companion and I fit the bill. (But that’s another dog tail.)

Now it’s been five years and I’ve explored all over the island and made lots of friends. I love running up and down Surfside Beach, schmoozing in Town while my mom runs errands and sometimes it’s nice just relaxing at home and reflecting on how awesome it is to be a dog.

One of my favorite activities is heading up to Tupancy Links with my mom to meet up with all my pals. Sometimes we roll out of bed around 6:30 a.m. and do a few loops before all the parents go to work. And sometimes we drive over in the evening for the after-work session around 5:30 p.m. I think it’s sort of like how humans go to the gym. We don’t make it every day, but it’s social and I always feel better after I go. I’d say the only difference is that my friends and I never complain about going to Tupancy and we never try to come up with trivial excuses why we can’t make it.

I have overheard humans say they sometimes get bored with going to Tupancy everyday (which I can’t figure out), but if that’s the case, here’s a website that features lots of places that dogs love to go.


Hi J Dawg! Thanks for including my website in your post, but perhaps your dew claw added an extra letter?

The site it

Get out there and walk TODAY, as the rest of the week looks wet, and if you're anything like my two mutts, you'd rather be inside on a nice puff sleeping through it all! Thanks again. Look forward to hearing more of your dog-gone adventures soon.


Oh man! My mom just clipped my nails, so my dexterity is a little off. Thanks for the correction!