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Doug Cote and Mike

Inside the Whale Interviews Sunny Wood

Nantucket's first podcast!  Hosted by Doug Cote, Inside the Whale features in depth conversations with some of the amazing and various personalities that make up the Island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.  Here's my talk with Sunny wood, island artist and wood sculptor whose huge whales hang in many homes and clubs.

There's still confusion about what a podcast is.  In its simplest form, it's a record in episodic form--like a radio show for the internet.  So click on the link and listen, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Doug Cote is a recent transplant from New York City who got his start in comedy on The Daily Show.  He has done numerous national commercials and voice-overs. Now he's the master of the Inside the Whale podcast on Soundcloud.