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A Rare Opportunity

We all have a rare opportunity later in June to visit some wonderful gardens that are not normally open to the public.  The Garden Conservancy sponsors a yearly event, known as ‘Open Days’ and arranges for gardens all over the United States to be open for everyone to enjoy. Nantucket has its share of spectacular gardens, many of which are deeply hidden, or are just out of sight behind high fences. The Garden Conservancy, working in conjunction with the owners, has chosen seven Nantucket gardens to open to the public. 

This year, 'Open Days' are scheduled for June 21 from 10am ‘til 4pm.  I haven’t been able to attend the last few years, but I’ve cleared my calendar for that day already. There are three gardens in town – one on Twin Street, one on India Street, and one on Mill Street. And there are three out of town in the Polpis Road area.  The Tristram Bunker House is also on the tour, but you can only get directions from the Open Days Directory or at one of the other gardens on the tour. There is a $5 admission fee per person per garden that you may pay in cash or check at the entrance of each Open Day garden. You may purchase discounted admission tickets by calling the number on the website.  But plan ahead as it can take 7 days for your tickets to arrive. 

If you only can sneak away for a little while, choose a couple gardens in town, or visit the ones off Polpis Road. It’s a good idea to carpool, as parking at some venues is limited. 

Head over to the Garden Conservancy website for more information, or watch for brochures to be available at local garden centers.




I go to this almost every year... I love it! Thanks for reminding us.

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This event is on Thursday - Make your plans to take a long lunch!