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Capoeira Demostration This Weekend

I was first introduced to Capoeira was during my sophomore year Modern Dance class in college.  Two Brazilian men came to our class to perform a demonstration that would inspire our upcoming dance recital.  I was impressed by the fluid motion, the power and ease of the two men demonstrating.  I was never able to find a spot for taking classes but now myself and my fellow Nantucketers have an opportunity to do so.  For those that do not know, Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that has the look of a beautiful spontaneous dance.  This coming weekend Brazil is coming to Nantucket!  A Weekend packed with demonstrations and workshops to partake in.


All activities at the Nantucket Community School Middle School Gym, 10 Surfside Road

Friday 10-11
Kids Workshop 6-7pm
Adult Workshop 7-9pm
Saturday 10-12
Adult Workshops 9am-12pm & 3-6pm
Sunday 10-13
Batizado 12-2
Lunch 3-5pm