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Light Up the Night

Equip your bike with proper lighting

Proper lighting on your bike is a must, but most of us don't do it.  It just might be the best investment you've made in a long time!  Would you drive your car without headlights and your rear tail lights?  Probably not.  

A front headlight for your bike can cost as little as $30, and the very important and over looked rear flasher starts at $10.  Fifty bucks doesn't sound like too much money considering the alternative of being injured.  I see riders every night commuting home from work that have ZERO lighting on their bikes (and no helmet, but that subject is coming in another article).  Even if you use the bike paths the majority of your travels its still important to alert drivers pulling in and out of roads and driveways.  Not only do you need to see in front of you, but you want to make sure everyone sees you as well!  Check your local bikeshop to upgrade your bike safety equipment or go online for more options.  I prefer the Planet Bike superflash turbo LED for the rear tail light flasher, it can be seen from a mile away!  I even have the cheesy, wanna-be-in-Bladerunner, green lights that go on the spokes so people can see me from the sides.

Here's a more in depth article on bike safety and lighting.

Stay healthy!