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To Gain Or To Lose Weight...

That is the question.

When I was going to school in Florida, the combination of missing my family, serving at an Italian restaurant, while also par-taking in the Floridian experience (Beer, booze and sunshine.)  I gained 30 pounds in roughly three months.  That’s consuming a lot of feeling in the form of pasta and beer!  I was in Tampa for a wedding with my family when a moment came that would change my life.  I was sitting at the pool with my big brother Izzy.  We were enjoying the little break from both our crazy worlds, laying in the sunshine, laughing at each other’s stories.  I looked over to him as we were sipping on our cocktails, “Be honest, have I gained any weight since the last time you saw me?”  My brother paused as most men would in this situation.  No man, would answer truthfully for fear of the consequences but since my brother has never lied to me, his pause was followed by this reply, “Truthfully, yes but you don’t look bad.”  I just sighed and continued sipping my Peña Colada. 


Once the festivities of the wedding week were complete, I worked at a serious pace to get my life, my mind and body back on track.  In my adolescence, I never had to worry about what I ate.  Taking after my Father’s tall slim body, I was naturally very slender.  Now that easy life is something of the past.  The moment I set foot on the university grounds my body's metabolism started to slow down.  I now have to be more aware of the health of my body, mind, spirit and surroundings. This revelation was the start of a new life for me, which I would turn into a little book, Amazing Love Diet.


Here is one personal trainer’s experience of gaining and losing 70 pounds in one year.  Six months to gain the 70 pounds and six months to lose it.  He himself, found this year changed his view on what weight-gain and weight-loss really is. 


Do you think you could gain and lose 70 pounds in a year?  Have you ever had an experience like this?  Or an experiene that changed your well-being forever?