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Knit headband with two flowers

Knit your Flower Headband and Hairclip

Main picture of knitted headband with flowers
Knitted headband and knitted flower clip
Headband from the top
Headband horizontal view

Some light, airy knitting for those hot August days! What better to make for August then a sweet flower headband or hairclip? I like to use cotton so they can be thrown into the wash, but feel free to use whatever worsted weight you like.

Needles: US size six
Yarn: Worsted, in MC and CC
Gauge: Not necessary.

Thin (thick) – headband
Small (large) – flower

Cast on 35 (50) sts with CC.
Row one: Knit.
Row two: *k1, bind off five (eight); rep from * to end.
Cut yarn, pull through remaining sts. Fasten into flower shape. 

Cast on 5 (9) sts with MC.
*K2tog, K1; rep from * to last st. K1.
Repeat for desired length. The headband shown on my almost five year old is about 19”. You want it to be a little snug so it’ll stay on!
Bind off.
Sew end. This can be super messy – your flower is going to be covering it up.
Sew flower(s) on top of seam.
Viola! Wear with pride!

You can also glue a flower onto a hairclip! Super cute, quick and easy!

Pattern and images © Natalie Gonzalez & Nantucket Knitter, 2013.
Questions and comments? Feel free to message me at [email protected].