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Sex Change Sleaze

            If you aren’t aware that Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner, than you are living in total isolation. Now Ms. Jenner is not only a former Olympic Gold Medalist, former three-time husband and a reality television personality. Caitlyn has a new title to add to her previous identities; that of prostitute. Not selling her body for sex, just for the almighty dollar. It’s not as if she’s coming out as a way to help others in the same situation. This is a sleazy attempt to cash in on her “fame,” or perhaps infamy.

            I don’t care what people want to do or not do as long as it doesn’t harm others. We are all very different from one another. Want to marry another person of the same sex, no problem. Change your sex, because you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, more power to you. Selling your personal story for gawkers to read in a slick magazine or so-called news show, and I say you’re a whore.

            You aren’t the first person who’s changed body venues and certainly won’t be the last one. To do so while taping it to sell to people that live their lives through gossipy tabloids--that's just slimy.

             I was proud of Caitlyn when she first announced that her life as a man was opposite to how she felt. It had to be terribly traumatizing to have lived a lie for so long. Those feelings disappeared in a split second, upon hearing that this very personal issue was going to be a huge money making scheme. Shame on me for caring!

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