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The 41st Annual Nantucket Community Daffodil Flower Show

It’s nearly time for that uniquely Nantucket rite of spring – Daffodil weekend.  There are plenty of great events celebrating the first whiff of spring, and with deference to the flower itself, the real feather in the cap of the weekend is the Nantucket Garden Club’s Annual Daffodil Show. This year’s show is the 41st and will be held once again in the greenhouses at Bartlett’s Farm.  

There is much that goes on behind the scenes to get ready for the show and the Nantucket Garden Club has is down to a science.  On site set up starts at least a week ahead of the show and everything is ready for participants to bring their entries to the farm on Friday afternoon between 3 and 6 pm or Saturday morning between 7 and 9:30am.  DO NOT BE LATE! The judging process begins at 9:30 and decisions are made before the show opens to the public at 2pm on Saturday.  Show hours this year are 2-5pm on Saturday and 10-4:30 on Sunday.  On Saturday, April 25 only there will be free shuttle busses to the show from Washington Street across from The Greenhound building starting at 1:45 pm and continuing all afternoon.   The last bus will return from the farm at 5:00 pm.   Admission to the flower show is free, but donations will be accepted toward the Garden Club’s Daffodil Planting Fund. 

It’s really fun to enter a few flowers or an arrangement into the show.  Sure, there are professionals who show lots and lots of varieties, but there are plenty of amateurs too.  I entered for the first time several years ago, and got hooked after I won several Blues and a couple Honorable Mentions!  I was pretty unsure of what I was doing, but there are plenty of helpers to guide first-timers and veterans alike.  This year there are entry classes for horticulture (the daffodils) flower arrangements, and photography.  If you decide to enter, the most helpful advice I can give is to identify your daffodils before you arrive.  This is the best site to help you identify them and if you really want to geek out go to here to find out the pedigree for your particular daffodils!

All the information you need to enter the show is on this pdf

The daffodil show is really fun and beautiful to see.  Last year it rained all day on Saturday and the brightest part of the weekend was the daffodil show.  It will go on, rain or shine, and the daffodils will stand out no matter what the conditions are. Go ahead!  Enter a couple.  You just might find a blue ribbon sticker on your entry card and if you do, I guarantee you'll be hooked.