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Vermillionaire is still blooming...and it's October


Of all the flowering pots I had on my deck this summer, I love the ‘Hot Pot’ the most.  Or maybe the new succulent pot. Or maybe even the one with the Stipa in it. Well, I can’t really decide which I like the best but the new plant that impressed me the most was a Cuphea called ‘Vermillionaire.’  Also known as Large Firecracker Plant, this thing was blooming when I potted it, and has bloomed all summer, and is still blooming in October.  The cooling nights haven’t slowed it down at all. It never flagged during a rainstorm or a windstorm and has had hundreds and hundreds of blooms on it all season.  It’s planted in full sun in the ‘Hot Pot’ with other very brightly colored plants like a red verbena, Lantana Bandana yellow,’  yellow variegated Solanum and two hotly colored trial calibrachoas.  Vermillionaire has outperformed all of them in longevity and consistency of bloom. The other annuals went in and out of bloom as the summer progressed, but Vermillionaire never stopped. It loves full sun, and the only fertilizer I put in the pot was a handful of Osmocote when I planted it.

An introduction of Proven Winners (PW), this impressive orange-flowered plant lives up to its brand. They go so far as to call it a Garden Valedictorian, though that may be a stretch. There are plenty of great things about it though.  It’s heat tolerant and loves full sun, and you don’t need to dead-head it. It’s drought tolerant and it is a hummingbird magnet. I sat nearby at lunch time on several days and had my camera poised to get a shot of the little hummingbird that visited, but she was just too fast!  Vermillionaire grows 12-18” in height (in the pot it stayed at about 12-14”) and has a spread of about two feet! The small tubular flowers bloom all along the stem and the plant is very tidy in habit, not overtaking the container. 

I'm definitely planting some again next year.  What's still outstanding in your garden?