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Senetti will brighten your spring garden and window boxes.

Bright and Colorful Senetti

These dark winter days have me dreaming of springtime and the flowers that go with it.  A fairly recent development in the spring plant world is a group of plants called Senetti ® Their brightly colored flowers make great additions to early spring window boxes and are a perfect complement to daffodils.  Large sprays of daisy-type flowers bloom from early spring until summer. The bloom count is very high with bud counts reaching close to 100 on a single plant. And the colors!  Wow - they can be electric! They’re available in baby blue, deep blue, electric magenta, pink and white bicolor, and more.

Bred from cineraria, these plants, commonly known as Pericallis, have little in common with the parent plant, except the shape.  The size is so much larger, the bloom time longer, the colors more exciting.  Unlike cineraria, Senetti also has a unique reblooming ability. When the blossoms fade, cut plants back 50 percent for a fresh flush of blooms. Ample fertilization and repotting in fresh media will help with rebloom.   They should begin blooming again in 3-4 weeks.  I’ve seen vibrant Pericallis planted in spring window boxes with daffodils, and the Pericallis still looks great long after the daffodil buds have faded.  They continue to perform to temperatures as low as 35 degrees F.

These lively and colorful annuals deserve a spot in spring window boxes. They will deliver a punch of color like few other plants can at a time of year when we need as much color as we can get!