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Flowers in Winter?

Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) is one my favorite shrubs.  Some other Witch Hazels bloom very early in the spring, but this variety,’ Jelena’, blooms reliably every January! The blooms stay for a long time, so there’s usually a snow event of some kind while it’s blooming.  The orange flowers are always a pleasant surprise in January, and today’s snow made the colors really jump when I spied it out the window. 

These shrubs are interesting in every season…the orange blooms in winter, the large green leaves in spring and summer, and the fantastic yellow foliage in the fall.   These are vastly under-used on Nantucket, as most home-owners are not here during this season, but for year-round residents, they are a nice addition to the landscape.  For more information on Witch Hazels, talk to your local nursery and go to



Hill, just read your post on my basket weaving story. So much appreciate that you took the time to read it.Many thanks--and I love witch hazel too. still have my white hellobores from christmas--still blooming away! Ryder