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Storm soup

Storm Soup

I feel like I have my own personal chef today.  The farm closed early, so we headed home around lunch time and I said “This would be a great day to make some soup.” We have a gas range, so even if the power goes out, we can still cook on the stove top.  It only took that mention for my husband to start getting creative with what we have on hand.  I didn’t do a big ‘pre-storm’ shop, so this is a mélange of stuff I dug out of the pantry.   I grabbed a loaf of whole grain bread, so dinner is all set. Here’s the soup in progress, and it smells awesome!

In a heavy pan with a couple tablespoons of olive oil, saute two bulbs minced garlic, one large chopped onion, two stalks of chopped celery, two chopped carrots and about a third of a bulb of chopped fennel for about 10 minutes. Cook just until soft and beginning to get golden.  Add about two to three quarts of vegetable stock and bring to a boil. Add dried porcini mushrooms that had been reconstituted in water for about ½ hour. Do not use the water that the mushrooms were soaking in – it’s far too strong!  Add a bay leaf and herbs like thyme, or whatever is in the garden. (The stock was seasoned already, so he didn’t add much more flavoring.) 
At this point, he added about ¼ cup of rice. If you would rather have noodle soup, wait until the end to add noodles)  Let simmer for an hour. About a half hour before eating, add chopped leftover chicken or if you are using raw chicken, let it cook longer. I also found a couple small zucchini that we will chop and add during the last few minutes.

No matter what happens with this storm, we will eat well tonight.  What do you cook when there’s a storm brewing?


I made Leah's Mean Green soup today!  didn't use as much spinach and it came out chunkier (didn't blend it, either) and lighter.  I LOVED the fresh taste from not overcooking all those veggies.

Plus, the immersion blender saved the day.  That and a hearty helping of parmesan cheese.  It was scrumptious and I've still got some left in case the power fails.

Here's the link:  and boy is it worth doing--although yours looks like my second choice.  Love adding the chicken at the end--if the power fails and my freezer conks out on me, that's what I'l be thinking about.