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Freaky Friday: Why Partner Yoga Is For Everyone No Matter Your Relationship Status

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating…and anything else the human soul may need answered. 


When most people hear partner yoga they think something along the lines of, “Good Grief! I would never do that!”  or “My significant other would never do that with me.” Or “I don’t have a partner, I’m single.”  Partner yoga doesn’t have to be for coupled up individuals.  Partner yoga doesn’t need to have to people romantically linked.  You just need to two people that are willing to help each other.  Plain and simple.  There are many layers to partner yoga but for today I want to touch base on the basics to help open your mind to something different, something you may find benefits your life on and off the mat.  To begin, what is partner yoga?  Partner yoga is when two people come together to help each other deepen their yoga practice and self awareness.  I love the definition Core Power Yoga gives on their Website; “Partner Yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath, touch and yes, intimacy. It can be practiced by any two people and is a great way to strengthen a relationship by fostering trust and communication.” (Core Power Yoga)

Partner Yoga isn’t just for romantic couples, although certainly partner yoga can deepen the love bond.  Partner yoga is for everyone and anyone looking to deepen their practice as well as connect with a human being. I've seen strangers practice, mother/daughter and best friends.  In today’s world, we are so very connected to each other via social media but it’s very rare now to have the face to face interactions we once had in yesteryear.  Partner yoga brings us back to connecting with another human.  Plus, partner yoga is boatloads of fun!  You will find yourself laughing and feel like a kid again.  Which brings me to the benefits of partner yoga.

Partner yoga benefits

  1. Deepen yoga practice – some of the poses allow each person to relax and stretch at the same time by using each other’s bodies.  For example: I had lower back pain for a few days.  Nothing seemed to be working to alleviate the pain in my personal practice but by the end of one partner yoga session, my back and the rest of my body felt limber and free from pain.  We used each other’s bodies to help the other and ourselves go deeper into poses but in a safe and relaxed way.
  2. Playtime – Want to feel like a kid again?  Life too much to handle at the moment?  Partner yoga allows you to not take yourself or life so seriously.  You’ll find yourself laughing and giggling.  At times, the practice may seem awkward and strange and that too in itself is something to laugh about.  Example:  In one partner yoga workshop I guided, one particular pose made the whole room fill with laughter.  People forgot who they thought there were and effortlessly just enjoyed the moment.  It was beautiful!
  3. Connection – Human touch is so healing.  You do not even need to be aware of the healing taking place.  Studies show that the simple acts of touching each other releases healing chemicals into the body.  Hugs, holding hands and a pat on the back are just examples of touch that can heal. 
  4. Communication – Communication is key to partner yoga.  Both partners need to feel free as well as willing to express themselves.  One needs to be able to say when something doesn’t feel right or not become defensive when their partner expresses their discomfort.  It can be as simple as saying “communicating”.  In one partner yoga class, a student came up with that phrase for when they wanted to come out of a post.  The whole class laughed, loved it and adopted the phrase.  Communicating with each other can be fun and partner yoga allows the opportunity to have fun communicating your needs as well as being their for your partner. 
  5. Awareness – Awareness not only to your self but also to your surroundings.  Like any yoga practice, awareness is gained.  With partner yoga sometimes this can happen more rapidly in a lovingly way because we are mirrors to each other.  We become aware of where are bodies are and what it is doing and where the other person is and what they are doing.  But also, the other person is having their own experience, which may be different from yours. This allows each person to communicate and open each other’s eyes to a different side of themselves and those around them.  These moments are usually the “Ah ha!” moments and a beautiful when we discover them. 
  6. Trust – If you have trust issues, which most of us do, give partner yoga a try.  Why?  Because you need to trust and well as be trusted in partner yoga.  You also need patience.  Trust takes patience.  You have another person there that wants to support you and you want to support each other.  There must be trust within this exchange. 
  7. Patience – This runs right along side communication and trust.  Where we are today in our practice, is not nessisarily where your partner is.  Knowing this, allows each person to be calmer and more patient when things are not going their way.  Partner yoga allows each person to gain a deeper understanding and patience with each other. 
  8. Live in the moment – If you think too much, try partner yoga to help you get out of your head.  One must focus on their partner and the practice.  This allows you to let go of thoughts and worries that may be running through your head.  Partner yoga allows you to be in the moment freely. 
  9. Yoga Benefits – Partner yoga has all the benefits of a personal practice. Here are just some of yoga benefits; lowers blood pressure, eases tension, relieves stress, relieves anxiety, detoxifies, improves flexibility, energy gain, strengthens the body inside and out, relieves body pain, and allows the body to function optimality. 

If you would like to give partner yoga a try, I will be guiding a partner yoga workshop this coming Sunday, Valentine’s Day.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner, come as you are and we will match you with someone.  If you do have someone, whether it be a friend, a relative or a significant other, this will be a magical way to spend Valentine’s Day afternoon.  There are a few spots still avaliable.   1-3pm at Dharma Yoga up in the Hayloft at Bartlett’s Farm.  $25 per person.  I look forward to sharing this special practice with you! 

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Peace, Love & Hugs!