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Have Clear Peaceful Boundaries

Freaky Friday: 'Emotional Vampire' people, events or situations can't hate you when you do this.

Freaky Friday. Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered.

An emotional vampire is something that sucks your good energy out of you.  How do you protect yourself from emotional vampire situation, people and events?  Don't let them in. Be an observer. I'm not saying cut yourself off emotionally from everything. I'm saying be discerning when it comes to your emotions. Easier said than done, I know. It's something I myself am still learning to do. It takes time and practice. Sensitive souls wander this world constantly 'feeling' deeply and often times feeling bad for people and/or events. That doesn’t mean you have to be a martyr.  If there is something terrible happening to someone or if there is an emotional event, protect yourself. You can still be there for other people without sacrificing your own wellbeing. Again, I know this is easier said than done.  And I don't mean for you to be emotionless.  Emotions are what makes us beautiful human beings.  I just want you to be protected by other people's energies and situations that may cross paths with your energy.  The hope is not to take on someone else's low energy to help them, the hope is to have strong energy and hold the vibration of love.  

For example, a friend comes to you for help.  Certainly listen and if need be, imagine you both, individually in a cocoon of golden light.  This image not only protects you both but helps each of you heal and become stronger.  Be there for them. You do not need to take on someone else’s pain.  I know your sensitive heart wants to make it all better for others, but this doesn’t help anyone.  What this will do is make you sick and them become codependent.  What we want is to feel supported while we become stronger.  No one wants to make someone else weaker, but it happens naturally when we don’t protect ourselves.  Visualizing the cocoon or a protective shield around each of you helps.

When it comes to situations or events, send love and blessings to the situation. Again, make sure to picture yourself protected by a invisible shield of sorts.  If you find this difficult, just place your hand over belly and hold it there. If you like, you may even see the situation or group of people protected.  It also helps to look for the good.  Even if it’s small.

These terrible, sad or heartbreaking moments can strengthen us.  This isn’t the time to put up a wall, but instead to have a boundary.  Boundaries reflect who you are and who you are not.   

Love Tip: Boundaries strengthen everyone involved, walls separate us.  Bring down the walls that block out love from coming in and going out.  Have clear, peaceful boundaries that are connected to who you are as a person and your beliefs. 

This love tip goes beyond emotional situations that can suck the life out of us, choose boundaries over walls.  

If you want to take your energy higher and heal yourself and others, keep your energy high.  How you do this is take care of your chakras.  Here is a chakra clearing meditation I do everyday.  

I  hope love flows to and from you always and if you are experiencing an emotional situation of your own, I am sending love to you.  

Peace, Love & Hugs!