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Freaky Friday - A Simple Technique To Help You Let Go

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A simple technique to help you let go.

We have a Full Moon last Friday. Many people begin to freak out about full moon, thinking it brings out the crazy. The reality is, full moons bring to the surface that which we have been suppressing. Maybe it's past resentments, hurt and pain acting out. Maybe it's voicing ideas you didn't believe you were strong enough to voice. Maybe it's your true self trying to break free. Whatever the case, full moons want you to let go and move forward. The full moon is especially powerful the first few nights but the effects last for up to a month...some day a year.  Where there is an opportunity to grow within your astrology chart, the full moon is going to bring it to the surface. One way I've found to catch an outburst or handle something before it becomes a bigger challenge is self reflection.  I ask myself "where can I grow/improve in my life?"  We all have something. Actually, we have many areas we can improve in but don't think you have to do it all at once. You don't. Little changes. The first being to let it go. So if you're having negative thoughts about yourself, other people or situations I have a few tricks that I do to help me obtain the right state of mind so I can see the situation as clear as I can in this moment. 


Step 1. Forgive yourself. You're human, shit happens. Be gentle on yourself. 

Step 2. Know that everything in life is a choice and you have the power to make whichever or whatever choice you want to make. There will always be circumstances that are out of your control but your reaction and how you handle something as well as what follows are your choices to make. Most likely you'll have to make a choice everyday to stick to something. It could be commitment to your health, your relationship or a goal. It's always a choice. Don't worry about making the wrong choice. Things have a way of working themselves out in the long run. 

Step 3. Here is the simple technique to help you let go.  When negative thoughts come into your head or ideas that no longer serve you say to yourself; cancel, delete and clear. I believe I picked this up from Doreen Virtue. I think of it like clearing your web browser. Cancel the search, delete it from being saved and then clear from your computer. 

Bonus step. Make peace with yourself. Letting go doesn't begin or end with someone else, it begins and ends with you and your willingness to make peace and let go. Begin the first three steps and you'll find you're on your way. 

Peace, Love and Hugs!