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Hating braces

My Perfect Crooked Teeth

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I had braces as a teenager. My teeth were really bad and I had a snazzy case of tmj. (My jaw would pop out to the side.). I was awkward as is but the braces were the cherry on top.

I wore them for about three long years. When the day came to have them taken off, I wouldn't wait to be done with it. I was suppose to wear a retainer but I didn't. Because of this my teeth are not a wee bit crooked. 

I've thought about straightening them again, wanting to have a perfect smile. But the more I think of it, the more I become ok with my perfect crooked teeth. I think I have a nice smile. I have been told I have a smile that can brighten someone's day. And I have people comment on how beautiful my teeth are.

Maybe they are all lying to me but no matter, I know I don't need to be perfect in the eyes of others. I need to feel good in my own skin. There are days when I do and days when I don't. But if I begin to change parts of myself just because I want to be visually "perfect" to others what am I saying to myself? That my teeth or any other part of me isn't good enough?  

What am I saying to someone that is struggling with their appearance? That they need to change? I don't want to send that message to myself or to anyone else. Plus, if I am critical of myself that leads to being critical of other people. I don't want those around me to think or feel that way. I don't want my romantic partner, friends or family to feel they are not good enough as is. I want them to feel perfect just as they are. 

What part of you is perfectly imperfect?  

~Stay well~