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bare legs

Freaky Friday: You Want Closure? Start With Your Legs.

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered.

"Want closure? Start with your legs." This is one of my Mother's many advice gems. If you're looking to move on from someone...if you're no longer interested in being with someone...if you don't see a future with someone...if they are not into you...stop having sex with them. Doesn't matter how great the past was. Doesn't matter how hopeful you are for the future. All you have is who they are today and the person you are in this moment. If you want to move on from someone, begin with the most intimate act two persons can engage in, making sweet sweet love. 

I've spoken before of the chemical release that occurs in the brain during sex. This action within the brain allows the person to become attached to the other person. There's also something that occurs energetically when you do the no pants dance. You take on the other person's energy. So if you're sleeping with someone who has a negative energy, you're going to take on that energy. If you're sleeping with multiple people, you're going to be taking on all of those energies. And it's hard to pick and choose the qualities your body picks up from the other person. 

"Be particular," as my mother says. 

You are who you sleep with. 

Peace, Love and Hugs