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Danger--enter at your own risk

Freaky Friday: The Only D*ck Pic I Want To See.

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, dating, relationships and anything else the human soul may need answered. 

There's not a day that goes by that I don't hear about some girl receiving unsolicited d*ck pics from a guy. It's not right. Guys, no girl wants to see a picture of your penis. Period. Stop it! I don't know where this obsession stems from, or why guys feel that it's ok to send photos of their member. No girl wants to open up her phone and surprise! A picture of some random guy's penis. 
If you feel the urge to send, then take some pointers from this guy. These are the only d*ck pics I would want to see. They are more like hilarious art pieces, you don't even realize what you'll looking at sometimes.  I want to hear from you, do you think it's ok for a guy to send a picture of his "man business" without permission? 

Warning: for adults only, NSFW!

Peace, Love and Hugs,