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Freak Friday: Here's Why You Should Let Your Fears Be Known.

Freaky Friday. Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered. 

You're not perfect. No one is perfect. So why do we want/strive for perfection so badly? Fears are those little wonderful reminders that we have flaws and insecurities. Most of us are afraid of sharing our fears with others.  Most of us are afraid of facing our fears, believing that if we don't talk about them or acknowledged them, they won't exist. This would be wrong. Not to mention, fears are amazing and a gift. How so? Each scary phobia allows you the opportunity to know yourself better, deeper. Secondly, when facing a fear, each time you do so it has less power over you as well as strengthens who you are naturally, thus allowing you to be unapologetically you. How beautiful is that?!

But what does sharing your fear do within your relationship?  This intimate moment allows you to connect with your partner on a deeper level. Which most of us want to have someone know us completely and still love us for who we are. It allows us to be vulnerable.  Being in this state of letting go of our egos and embracing this side of you opens you, the other person and your relationship up to the good stuff. Knowing each other, trusting each other, embracing your fears and sharing them also allows you to not feel alone.

The sharing of fears cracks us open but not in the everything-is-falling-apart way. No, sharing, cracks you open in the "let this be healed" way. It allows your partner the opportunity to raise you up and be of service if there ever came a time when your fear came into place. It also allows your partner to know where you are coming from so that they have more compassion for you. More compassion for each other leads to happier partnerships.  For example, if you have a fear that they will leave you for someone else and you'll be all alone.  You have two fears here; abandonment and being alone.  Two fears to overcome. Sharing this with your partner allows them to understand where your head's at as well as voice the fears.  Usually, fears are scary in our minds but when we say them aloud, they become less so.

Open the lines of communication on strengthening the relationship and transmuting that fear. We need to always be communicating effectively for relationships to work. Not only the relationship of the Self but also with those we love and care for.  Giving each other a safe space to be cracked open. 

I am a part of School for the Modern Mystic. I am currently enrolled in level 2, which is about knowing your fears, insecurities and anything else that may hold one back from living your life's purpose. We are completing our shadow work and soon we will be moving on to discovering our souls' essences, our life's purpose. Exciting and very scary stuff! I would like to share with you the fears and insecurities that I have discovered having undergone this shadow journey. Hopefully, my sharing will help you in knowing you're going to be ok. You are more than your fears and you have a strength you have yet to untap. 

(What is the meaning of "line" in these examples?  It's deep work discovering your fears. A line is what connects you to your fear.)

Line 1. Fear of the death of children. 
Line 2. I can move too fast and not being mindful. I have a fear around speed; too fast or too slow. 
Line 3. Fear of being healthy and looking attractive. 
Line 4. Feeling small. Afraid of being big, of being seen. (Maybe that's why my soul chose to be 5'10" in this lifetime. Can't miss me in a crowd.) 
Line 5. Getting help. Freedom. Marriage. 
Line 6. Fear of water and of nature.  
Line 7. Fear of speaking up and talking. Fear of being constrained. 
Line 8. Fear of Falling. 
Line 9. Fear of religion and spirituality.   
Line 10. Fear of connecting with my higher self. 
Line 11. Fear of power and of money and being in control. 
Line 12. Fear and insecurity about endings, especially death. 

Now I would like give you an opportunity to share your fears. Bring them into the light! Comment below. Also, if there's someone that you think would benefit from reading this, please share with them.

Peace, Love & Hugs!