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Freaky Friday - Why Men Who Think They Are Good Looking Are Bad In Bed

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Why men who think they are good looking are bad in bed.

If you meet a guy and you can tell he thinks he breathes wonders and $hits miracles, and he knows he's really, really ridiculously good looking, most likely he will be bad in bed. About 50% of the women reading this just shouted out, "agreed!"   For the other half, let me explain the reasoning. 

1. Most likely he's never had to work for it. And by it, I mean getting a girl or getting a girl into bed. He isn't interested in impressing her, she should automatically be impressed because he's so amazing, right? She should work on impressing him. This is usually a train of thought for a man like this. 

Since he believes a woman must impress him, he will most likely be bad in bed. Why? Because to be good in bed or to be halfway decent, one must be a giver. One must look to please the other person. One must know it's not just them that deserves pleasure. One must get it that it takes two to tango and by golly, you both should end up feeling good. (We women know it won't happen all the time, but cheese and crackers it better happen most of the time!) 

The thing is, a man doesn't even have to be good looking to be this way. He just has to think he is or believe he's amazing and awesome. I once had a date boast and boast about how great he was at going down on a woman. He convinced me to allow him to show me how amazing he was. I'm talking hours of him discussing how wonderful he personally was and how wonderful he was at performing this act. Against my better judgement and because of my curiosity, I said yes. I should have followed my gut.  He wasn't. And not that that's not forgivable. No one is going to be good at everything off the bat, and not everyone is immediately compatible. His technique was just not there and shockingly so.  I tried to point him in the right direction, but he said, and I quote, "I know what I'm doing."  Actually, you don't buddy. Ladies have been lying to you my friend. Everyone deserves a second chance and patience, but because of this guy's arrogance I suddenly realized I had a lot of homework to complete. (College, am I right?) 

How to spot the guy who's bad in bed- He doesn't work to impress you from the start. Even with both of you wearing your clothes,  he's not doing any work. He's never had to and if he did, he decided not to.  He's going for the low hanging fruit. Maybe you're at the bar and somehow you're chasing after him. Word of advice, if you have to chase after a guy, one way or another, you'll have sex regret. Either because he doesn't call or peruse you or because the sex was all sorts of wrong. If he has an air of douche about him, most likely bad in bed. If you're strangely attracted to him, you run the chance of bad sex. A guy that in your opinion is not good looking can have these qualities as well. Just because you don't think he's a 10 doesn't mean he doesn't believe it or his mother has informed him of his greatness. And there's a difference between confidence and arrogance.  Someone that is confident doesn't have to say a word. Their actions are solid and strong. They are comfortable in their own skin. Arrogance leaves you with an upset tummy and feeling bad about yourself and your life choices. 

Essentially, to a man like this you don't have any worth. He would be wrong, of course.  There's no use in trying to convince him of your worth. He's not worth your time. Who is worth your time? The man that comes after you, who goes the extra mile just to get your phone number. The man who only has eyes for you. This man could be hot as hell in your opinion and still be a great guy. He could be the shy nerdy guy. He could be one of your good guy friends. Don't write off a guy just because you don't have an initial spark or chemistry. That can come as you get to know each other.Look for the guy that's strong without needing to be an ass. Look for the guy who opens the door for you or allows you to walk first. Look for the guy that remembers the things you like. If he remembers the things you like outside the bedroom, he's going to remember what you like inside the bedroom...and he's going to do it, plenty of it, without talking your ear off about how fabulous it'll be for you. Happy hunting! 

Peace, Love & Hugs!