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Freaky Friday - Two Words That Will Keep Any Relationship Going

Freaky Friday - Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered.

Freaky Friday – Two Words That Will Keep Any Relationship Going

Never Quit.  There was a recent article about a woman who trains Olympic athletes and how she helps train their minds with these two words:  Never Quit.  Even the elite athletes are just like us.  Look at the swimmer from China who was bent over from period cramps.  She still showed up and did what she could do. 

This ‘Never Quit’ mental shift works wonders in any relationship, whether business, friendship, or romantic.  Today, I will address marriage as most of the readers have marriage or committed relationships on their minds.  This never quit theory sounds simple enough doesn’t it?  But, it’s not.  There are many factors that go into any relationship.  Many layers, dynamics, and on and on.  No two relationships are the same.  I believe in relationships, and I believe in marriage.  We all know marriage isn’t easy.  Heck, they have you say vows because someone ahead of their time felt partnership commitment should be addressed, “This is really, really hard being with one person your whole life.  We better have something people say beforehand letting them know exactly what they are signing up for.” 

Your marriage vows don’t say, “As long as the other person stays cute.”  Or, “As long as they are financially stable.”  Nope, they take into account that someday stuff is going to get real, and sometimes really challenging and uncomfortable.  Maybe even bringing you to your breaking point.  It may even feel as though you are crumbling on some level.  And perhaps you are.  I’ve been broken many times over in my life.  These challenging times always result in making me more resilient and honestly, a better person for going through it.  These breaking points are where we can grow.  Think of a lobster.  If they lose their claws, legs or antennae, they will grow back.  We too have the ability to grow when we lose something or our world changes.  Explore that for yourself.  It’s an incredible (and dare I say it?) fun to be able to do so! I personally am in a constant state of regeneration. 

The challenges we face in our relationships are the moments we need a mental shift.  This is when you say to yourself, “Never quit.”  This is the moment one of you has to keep going for the other.  Now, this isn’t an exact science.  No two relationships are alike.  Some are unhealthy and you must decide for yourself if it’s the right decision and the healthiest decision to part ways or to keep going.  As the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt said, “You can do anything for 10 seconds and then you just start counting again.”  I will say, cheating, addiction, behavior issues and on and on, are usually the moments when you or your partner is calling out for help.  Think about what’s best for you of course, and also think long and hard about the long term, and what’s best for your partner.  Sometimes marriage isn’t glamour, great sex and love galore…sometimes it’s growth.

It’s always your choice.  My great-grandfather Murphy said, “Love is a choice.  Everyday you wake up and choose to love.”

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Peace, Love & Hugs!