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Freaky Friday - The New Dating Rejection

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In the USA today we have Veterans Day. Let's take a moment to thank those that fight for our freedom and defend the constitution. Thank you Vets!

Today's post I feel is fitting in a way when it comes to our vets. When I think of veterans that I grew up with; ww2, Korean, Vietnam, I can't help but think of the beautiful people that served this country. Especially those I am related to. What would they think of the world right now? I especially want to touch on, the current dating world. In my opinion, we have lost the romance, the intimacy, and the excitement we once had as a culture for courtship. Gone are the days of "calling" on someone or even, calling someone over the telephone. Now it's text messages or contacting someone on Facebook, snapchat or Swiping right on Tinder. It's been said before how connected we are to each other, yet so disconnected. This is the sad truth. With the Information Age in full blown force and everything and plenty of it at our fingertips anytime we want it. Have we ruined courtship? 

When my grandfather was courting my grandmother, he was sent off to be on a navy ship. He wrote her a letter that made me cry from beginning to end. To give you back the story on my grandfather, he was your then average American male. He wasn't an English major, he liked to work on old cars. He wasn't into fashion but he loved to dance. It was simple times and he was a simple guy. I would love to share the whole letter with you but I'll just share this one snipit; "I've been terribly lonesome for you since I left and I hope we were mentally together under the moon last night. You know- the moon shining down over the ripples of the water reminded me of your curly locks. And the stars, well they are in your eyes."
Did you just swoon? Of course you did! How could you not?  Women in this age are starving for this sort of love and affection. It doesn't take much. The letter was simple yet, my grandfather was able to tell my grandmother exactly how he was feeling and what he was thinking. An art form clearly we are lacking in today's age. We are so afraid of what people may think or to seem too eager. But we should have eager. We should have the simplicity with the straightforward nature of yesteryear. I long for it myself. 

Today, I often hear from women of men "ghosting" then or the poof factor. This is when you're texting each other and then poof! You never hear from them. It has now become the new dating rejection. People are left confused and feeling rejected, not even sure why someone doesn't text back or even reach out to call. They just disappear. I suppose it all comes down to someone just not being into you. We all know, when a guy wants you, he does what it takes to be with you. He will go full steam ahead. Since texting is such a casual way to communicate, men don't feel the need to reach out to say he's no longer interested or he found someone else.  He will just stop texting.  So ladies, maybe we should learn to take rejection or maybe have a higher standard in how we communicate.  If someone really wants to talk to you, move from texting to a phone conversation. Know that you will be rejected at some point.  In fact, maybe more than ever. It happens to all of us. Know that rejection comes and it's a numbers game. Think of it like this, for every 10 guys that ghost or reject you, there will be one guy who can't stop thinking of you. Be ready for him. Be a lady. (Whatever that means to you.). If you can, be his friend first, get to know him and then go from there. Enjoy the journey and the tide. Know that it will all be worth it. It's not about the ending, it's so much more than that. 

Peace, Love and Hugs,