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Lost love

Freaky Friday - The Love Was Right Even If It Feels Lost

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Love is always worth making. I have clients that look back on their "failed" relationships as if those relationships are actual failures because of divorce, fear, cheating, the list can go on and on about how a relationship didn't work out. Reality is, the love was real. Even if it was felt for a moment, it was there. The relationship isn't a failure because of someone cheating or the marriage ended in divorce. You didn't enter into the relationship without hope or love. Life changes and evolves. We change and hopefully evolve. So when it comes to that empty feeling or being disappointed with them or ourselves, it's important to remember, the love was right at one point in time and nothing can change that. Those happy, wonderful, exciting moments will always be shared between the two of you. 

If you are going through something in your relationship or trying to process a breakup, remember to be gentle on yourself and the other person. You once loved this person and they you. You once shared parts of yourself that most likely you'll never share with someone else and the same goes for them. Honor the past by being patient with yourself and the other person in the present. I know from experience that life is not what it seems. We can get caught up in fear or our own troubles to not see something exactly as it is. Sometimes it takes time and distance to be able to look back and see we don't have all the information. The information that would have allowed us to be sweeter or kinder towards the love lost. 

Peace, Love & Hugs!