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Freaky Friday - Island Girls Podcasts about Love & Life

Freaky Friday - A new post every Friday discussing love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered.

My friend, Katie of ACKtive Life and I love to talk, so of course we decided to start a podcast.  We have recorded a few episodes where we talk about life, love, health, and living 30 miles out to sea.  A little bit about Katie; 

My name is Katie and I live 30 miles out to sea on a beautiful, unique, and tiny  island called Nantucket. Nantucket is a very special place to me. I have been coming here since I was 2 years old. I was lucky enough to spend countless summers here with my family. The salty air. The ocean. The community. The peace and quiet. The slower pace and simple life. This is ME and what I have always wanted and finally took that leap of faith!  After years of traveling around the country trying to find “my happy place”, I have finally arrived bACK and can finally call Nantucket my home. It has been a long journey to get here, but I am here...I am happy...and I am ready to live life to the fullest...take chances...and most importantly have FUN! I am a runner, yogi, and athlete who is always MOVING and being active…I am a foodie, who loves to eat, cook, and drink delicious wine…I am a writer…I am a Social Media Specialist…I wear a lot of hats, but all of these are my passions and these passions make me happy! My journey to this point has by no means been easy. It has taken time. It has taken a lot of learning. It has involved taking risks...failing...but also succeeding.  I have high expectations for ACKtivelife. This space is going to be FUN and INSPIRING! I will be sharing workouts, recipes, product reviews, and of course a glimpse into my new life and what it is like to live 30 miles out to sea. #myACKtivelife

Now for the podcast, Island Girls!

Episode 1 - Introduction: who we are and what we're about

Episode 2 - Chatting with a Nantucket Gentleman: talking about dating world on Nantucket with a year round local gentelman

Episode 3 - Meeting with a Mountain Man about dating in your 20s.

Episode 4 - What qualities Katie and I look for in a man and a few of our deal breakers.

Let Katie and I know what you think and if you have any questions or topics you would like for us to discuss, we would love to hear!

Peace, Love & Hugs!