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Freaky Friday - Can You Have Too Much Sex?

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Reader question: Recently my husband told me we have too much sex. Is there such a thing? I feel like a weirdo wanting to have more sex with my husband.

Sure. Of course there's such a thing as too much sex, but maybe not what you think. There are variations of this concept of too much sex. One would be preference. It sounds as though your husband would prefer to have sex less frequently. Perfectly normal. Sounds like you prefer more frequently. Perfectly normal, as well. No one should feel like a prude or weirdo for their preference regarding frequency of sexual activity. It's all normal. If you feel something is abnormal, talk to your doctor or a sex therapist. There may be a physical, mental or emotional challenge that is determining sexual desires between you. Worth exploring.

There also could be the physical variable. Men can perform a certain number of times. That doesn't mean the desire isn't there, just that the physical body can only handle so much. Many men experience only being able to perform once. Then, once they ejaculate, that's it for them for a while. For women, too much sex can be painful sans lubrication.

The variables can go on: fatigue, stress, depression, imbalances within the energetic body (chakras) and so on. I think the conversation is worth having with your husband on frequency and sexual desires. You may find there's a reason behind your desires, for instance, you want to feel connected to your husband. Or his desires, such as he feels pressure from you. There have been studies on sexual satisfaction. When couples were told to have sex a certain number of times per week, they found the act less pleasurable. So, first things first. Have a conversation with your husband. Come from a place of love and the desire to help each other. Allow the safe space for each of you to voice your thoughts and desires.  

If you believe you need to explore this topic further, I highly suggest going to a sex therapist. Many are wary of this avenue of therapy, but I have known many couples who have sought counsel and have a deeper sexual relationship now. Sex should be a part of everyone's health and wellness.  The benefits are great, as I have stated in past post.  

I hope this was helpful and If there is someone you think this post will help, please forward to them. And if you have any questions email [email protected] or private message my page, 

Peace, Love & Hugs!