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Freaky Friday: Why You Should Include Sex In Your Wellness Routine

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered. 

This past week, I was interviewed on Nantucket’s NPR Station with Joanna Roche, it was an amazing experience!  We discussed many topics, including my greatest health habit, and how I stay balanced. Of course, we also covered one of my preferred talking points, sex! More specifically, the benefits of sex, which happen to go far beyond the instant gratification we all expect. Not only is sex becoming a less taboo subject in general, there is also much discussion about it being an integral part of our wellness and self-care practice. 

Here are some of the benefits from just five minutes of sexual activity on a regular basis. Don’t worry if you don’t last that long you still receive the benefits!

1.     Stronger immune system.  Those that take care of their sexual health with a few Big “O”s have stronger immune systems.  Have a cold? Maybe fight it with a romp in the sheets.  

2.     Tones your pelvic floor.  Now who doesn’t want that?  For women, especially those who have given birth, this can help with bladder control.  Ever peed yourself when you sneeze?  Do some keggles and the no-pants-dance.

3.     Lowers blood pressure.  The blood is flowing through your body, you’re getting deeper concentration of air into your lungs, and the release of endorphins (the feel good chemicals in your brain) allow your body to relax completely.

4.     A great work-out. I wrote a book that included sexercises for a reason! Sex can be a total body workout.  It's possible to burn more calories having sex than running.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not into running. 

5.     More flexibility: sex helps to lubricate your joints and stretch your body in ways you may not normally stretch in your everyday life.

6.     Best pain relief/sleep aid you can get!  Have trouble falling asleep?  Have a headache?  Maybe you should have an orgasm. 

7.     Speaking of pain relief, sex can help relieve symptoms in association with a woman’s cycle.  Cramps, bloating, irritability- the list goes on and can trouble a woman any day of the month.  Sex also helps to lighten/shorten a woman’s period.

8.     The more sex you have the higher your libido.  Not in the mood to get busy…just go solo.  The more sex you have, the more your body wants it, and the benefits will just keep coming (pun intended).  [Black left arrow] ️too much?? Haha! 

9.     Better skin.  I swear by this!  A combination of better blood flow, less stress and maybe a little magic "O" dust make this happen. Want to look and feel your best?  Have sex.

Please act responsibly.  If you are having sex with a partner, please be an adult and please use protection.   Sex with someone is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  In my opinion, it's God’s gift to us.  If you’re not ready to handle the repercussions physically, emotionally and mentally then just go solo.  You don’t need to have a partner to reap the benefits!

If you would like to listen to my full interview on our NPR station, the link to BalancingACK will be available shortly.  Make sure to check out the other interviews as well, they are fantastic!

Peace, Love & Hugs,