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Astrological signs

Freaky Friday: What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About You Sexually

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered.

Congrats!  We made it to the first day of Spring!  The Sun is also moving into Aries (Tomorrow Woop!  Woop!  Happy New Year!) and it’s a new moon today.  So this Freaky Friday is in honor of all the wonderful things occurring in the heavens.  I received a suggested post via Twitter from a reader about doing a post on sexual astrology...and I was into it!   I’m not an astrologer, but I have been researching/reading about astrology since I was very young.  It’s one of my favorite subjects; I love getting to know the inner workings of people and where they are coming from.  Which sign are you?  Or maybe look up your partner?  Is it spot on or off? Let us know if something should be added. 

(If you’re looking for an astrologer, there are a few on island; Suzanne Keating is fantastic!  Also, I recently received a random reading from a very talented astrologer at The Westmoor Club.  I believe she’s there at 4pm every Saturday.  It was 15 minutes and she was spot on about me!)

Aries. March 21st – April 19th

Great sex!  Fiery. Doesn't have to last long, in fact, is the most skilled at the quickie, multiple times.  Hard to pin them down. They love to have their heads massaged.    

Taurus. April 20th – May 20th

Slow and steady. This sign is about a lot of uninterrupted eye contact and sex that lasts all night long.  This is not the sign that does well with a one night stand; they want love making and a future...and really good food!  Food after.

Gemini. May 21st – June 20th

There will and there should be talking and communicating during the sexual act.  This sign prefers to and/or be spoken to in the dirty persuasion.  They have two opposite sexual personalities; you may only see one.  If you’re looking to mix it up, just go for it! You may just unleash their other sexual side.

Cancer. June 21st – July 22nd

Breasts! Just touch each other's breasts.  Doesn’t matter if male or female; it’s all about breasts! And give them the security of a relationship. This sign opens up sexually when they feel secure and with a little bit of time. Don’t force or rush them.

Leo. July 23rd – August 22nd

Stroke their ego, tell them they are so amazing at everything they do and you'll have the best sex of your life!  Do not forget to play with their hair, touch their backs and determine the amount of ass grabbing they prefer. 

Virgo. August 23rd – September 22nd

They are just so excited someone wants to have sex with them. They don't mind dirty sex but you better not have dirty sheets. This sign likes to be of service, so make sure you let them know how they can be.  They get turned on by knowing you're turned on.

Libra. September 23rd – October 22nd

They are the lovers of the Zodiac!   It's about balance for this sign; If they do it to you, you better do it to them and visa versa.  Sweetness and romance go far with this sign. 

Scorpio. October 23rd – November 21st

Prepare yourself for the best four hours of your life! Scorpio rules sex, so this is their domain. Make sure they know that you are all theirs; Scorpios are not one for sharing.  In fact, it’s a turn off for them to know you’re dating/sleeping with someone else.    

Sagittarius. November 22nd – December 21st

They need adventure to be turned on. This is the sign that does best with a little danger. Role playing and handcuffs anyone?

Capricorn. December 22nd – January 19th

Steady.  It will be good but probably not anything out of the ordinary unless they are on the cusp of Sagittarius or Aquarius.  If you’re looking to spice up the bedroom, suggest what you want to try. They will try anything once to please you.  They do best with someone that is light hearted as they can be very serious and business oriented.  Make sure they have completed their work for the day before you try to jump them. 

Aquarius. January 20th – February 18th

Foreplay foreplay foreplay! They also invented the phase "let's get weird." This is the sign that is more interested in your brain than your body…but they’ll take that too.  Make sure you have a big bed or enough space, this sign likes freedom.

Pisces.  February 19th – March 20th

They just want to be loved. Even if they seem like tough/rough around the edges people, when you get them to the sheets they just want to be loved for who they are.  Don’t put boundaries on them and say ‘yes’ to their creativity in the bedroom.  You can thank me later.


~Stay Well~