What's a "Gam"?

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What's a "Gam"?

Do you know what a "gam" is??? I've heard ol'Nantucketers use the word, but where did it come from and why are Nantucketers the only ones who use the phrase?

What's a Gam?

My understanding is that gams were held when sailors on whaleships originating from Nantucket met up with each other in foreign waters--exchanges of mail, news, information took place on both sides--the sailors heading for home and those who'd left it a few months earlier.  

Then I guess it moved on to being used more generally as a description of any Nantucketers meeting and discussing the events of the day, right?

Gam origin

It is a 'playful herd of whales", then whalers, so you are correct, Georgia. But I am old enough to remember it used in old James Cagney/1940's films to refer to a women' legs .ie. "look ada set a gams on dat dame...." Gams(gammin) also has an Italian root, meaning legs.

I love the visual that comes

I love the visual that comes to mind with a "playful herd of whales" ...and whalers taking their playful cue from whales! Its great to see this new Gam space. I can't wait to see what topics people want to start up for discussion.

Ok Nantucketers, there is a

Ok Nantucketers, there is a new shop on Main Street called Yvan mignot. THE MOST DEBONAIR frenchman and his too cute 21 year old son string tahitian pearls on leather strands, interlaced with venetian trading beads and brass trading rings from Africa. They are unique, organic, with a Nantucket subtly of beauty and feel.Seapearls are ecologically sound and are grown on sustainable farms in pristine waters adding to their healthy luster and size.

Please go in and welcome Yvan and Enzo to Nantucket. They are here from far away worlds, most recently St.Bart's where they opened their first shop. They have just barely squeeked open their door, so run and take a look. BEAUTIFUL bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings.

New shop on Main Street

What's the address?

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